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One cause

The Everlasting Business

Given our ambition to continuously improve the service we provide to our entrepreneurial clients, the Everlasting Business cause emerged as a natural driver.

Long-term focused while capable of maintaining the economic and social balance, the Everlasting Business generates pride and offers each and every employee a chance for self-achievement.

"Company profit has too often become an end in itself, rather than a means to grow. Through our action, we believe clients will rediscover the sense of human and entrepreneurial adventure"

Gilbert Lippmann


The Everlasting Business: a long-term cause

In a context where businesses in general and some of our clients in particular see their ethics sternly put to the test and subjected to the boundless demands of the financial world, Proconseil’s Directors and Partners have decided to take a stand. Indeed, under pressure which leads some firms to drift away from their founding mission, it is clear to see that the latter have lost their human factor and are falling, slowly but surely, into the danger zone.

The 2009 crisis underlined this still further and offered an intense moment of reflection for our firm. It enabled us to formulate our conviction and make the Everlasting Business our long-term cause.

The Company: a real adventure

Born from an idea, a passion even, the Company is above all a place of adventure and development. Involved in an ever-changing economic, social and societal environment, it has to invent its own way.

With no choice but to be competent and competitive, it also needs to know how to take real and calculated risks and nourish new ideas or else fall short of the mark. Moreover, just as the old saying goes - “the long-distance rider takes care of his mount” - it needs to show consideration for all players involved, those who act on its behalf and those in its immediate or more distant environment.

The four dominants of the Everlasting Business

In this way, the entrepreneurial adventure requires continuously progressing around four simple but demanding dominants, those of the Everlasting Business :

  • Audacious, to create its future,
  • Skilful, to succeed with grace and style,
  • Connected, to keep apace with its time,
  • Respectful, to generate and maintain trust.

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