Proconseil : First, in the frontline, to back you up

Our team

Men and women…

Our team is made up of women and men of different ages, work experience and educational backgrounds : generalist or specialist engineer supplemented for some by an MBA, university degree, business school diploma. Nomads, despite our offices in Paris, our consultants are 40% regional based. Such diversity creates a winning alchemy which enables us to adapt to the specific context of every business we accompany.

Cooperation, a way to be

Whether young consultant, Partner Director or member of the support services, every team member approaches missions, whether internal or at the client’s, with the same spirit of cooperation characterized by sharing and mutual assistance. We believe that this way of being is a key contributor to the success of our assignments.

A sound course for development

Upon joining Proconseil, every team member understands that they will be on permanent  “apprenticeship”. Enjoying around 12 days of training per year (internally and/or externally) , they are constantly encouraged to enrich and enlarge their fields of expertise. In addition, methodology experiences are shared internally and know-how capitalized. 

High empowerment

By leading several projects in parallel, our consultants very soon gain the autonomy and maturity necessary to assume the responsibility assigned to them at the heart of our assignments.

Anchored in society

Many of our consultants, members of networks of experts, are involved in high-level courses (MBA, Grandes Ecoles,…) or conferences, both to share reflections and practices, but also to open new fields of investigation.

Commitment to the firm

The average seniority in the firm is very high for the sector (around 10 years). Every team member also has the possibility of becoming a shareholder and in this way demonstrate their willingness to contribute to the firm’s development.

September  seminar

What our consultants have to say



“I appreciate the room for initiative and the deep trust given to us. Every day we’ve the possibility to conquer new horizons.”

Julien Bazus

“Teamwork inside the firm is based on real cooperation and a high spirit of mutual assistance; this is both individually and collectively enriching.”

Alain Fercoq