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Support three production units in accelerating their flows by implementing a Lean approach (Value Stream Mapping, design and implementation in the field of visual flow management). Four months into the assignment, cycle times reduced by 60% on average.


In a sensitive social context, set up an autonomous team structure to improve manufacturing productivity.


Implement a vast procurement savings program by optimizing the needs, cost and by reinventing the associated flows and processes. Support teams in achieving great savings: product redesign, optimization of the product portfolio, transport purchases.


Rethink the supply chain processes of a regional center. In order to improve the service provided to operators and optimize the working time of teams on job-sites, make a diagnosis of the regional center’s logistics activities then revamp all processes.


Help the business create its excellence model. Accompany it in understanding current systems, in meeting businesses having set up interesting practices or benchmarks, design with it the architecture of its system

GSK Evreux

Further to the required new lay-out of the Evreux site, put in place the components for crisis governance. Install new management board practices, implement the crisis management cockpit and its management rituals, transform the actors’ behaviors, challenge the road map to succeed faster and set up an intelligence unit.


In a context of strong international expansion, formalize the Group’s vision of excellence by building a customized benchmark, aimed at being applied to both manufacturing and supply chain areas.


As part of a global cost reduction program, help a site with over 1,000 employees restructure itself into empowered teams and subsequently gain €1million.


Design and implement a new supply chain.


At one manufacturing facility, make a diagnosis of the supply chain in order to reduce costs by over 30% and make them more flexible by restoring meaning to the supply chain mission for three different publics: production, internal logistics and subcontractors.


Devise the development and logistics plan. Synergize two historically separate supply chains and optimize the internal-outsourced production ratio.


Further to a multi-site diagnosis of the global performance, implement an organization completely different from the previous model. Reinvent a new managerial line and conduct the recruitment of hands-on managers. Develop shop floor empowerment through an innovative organization.


In a highly capitalistic industrial process context, implement a new maintenance policy based on a sector-wide benchmark. Accompany the technical teams in implementing new maintenance methods.


Support 400 back office staff to inject more accountability and autonomy in the company's DNA and adopt more customer-care behaviors.


Help the business create its excellence model. Accompany it in understanding current systems, in meeting businesses having set up interesting practices or benchmarks, design with it the architecture of its system


Design and implement a global project for site management. Led with a constant focus on immediate operational efficiency, this project, highly demanding and involving for top managers, succeeded in injecting a strong culture of people development.


Following a change in company form, the DCNS has set itself some ambitious objectives in terms of costs and deadlines. Our teams accompany the industrial mutation of the sites by helping them draft and then implement continuous improvement plans. These actions concern all the major processes of each site and are extended to a certain number of key suppliers.


Accompany the “waste hunt“ project team: implement new methodology tools to support the cost reduction process in the field.


Resolve in four months a strategic worldwide distribution problem involving several businesses.


Within the Land & Seal and Aeronautics Divisions, deploy a Lean culture for new product development processes.


Help the business define the specificities of its production system and provide training and implementation support.


Define with the managers in the Operations department, the Operations and Supply Chain development over the next 10 years: product volumes, manufacturing site capacities, make or buy policy, upstream logistics organization, quality policy, strategic projects to be led, …


Enable the retail bank’s middle management fully play their role as hinges in the chain of command; help it develop a new attitude, supporting the network’s hands-on management, to accompany the development of branch teams.


Reinforce the ability of company executives to meet the demand for concise, summary-based communication, written and spoken, by structuring their thoughts; enable them in this way to pass on the key idea, elaborate on it, make sure it is clearly understood and remembered.


Reorganize and energize the management practices of a shared services center, in charge of training 80,000 employees, and try to increase its value-added in the eyes of the customer.


Cost the financial stakes of Eramet’s Belgian subsidiary through a BBZ (Budget Base Zéro) approach and make a diagnosis covering all processes (production, purchasing, maintenance, general organization, …). Draft a global performance plan.


Conduct a multi-site safety diagnosis over the whole cooperative territory. Implement a new safety drive together with an innovative safety management system.


Manage on behalf of the supply chain manager the project to reorganize the upstream logistics of the manufacturing facilities with notably the introduction of a single service provider, to converge all supplier flows and optimize sourcing.


In a context of exacerbated global competition, design an organization based on greater employee empowerment. At the same time, devise a global project for site management – highly demanding and involving for top managers – in order to inject a strong culture of people development.


Roll-out a continuous improvement approach over all Group sites. Involve staff and support hands-on managers in developing their competencies by enabling them to learn the adapted tools and deploy them in the field.


Help in the design of a specific new product.


Reorganize and energize the management practices of a shared services center, in charge of training 80,000 employees, and try to increase its value-added in the eyes of the customer.


Support more specifically one production site with its utility results, energy in particular. Lead a full activity outsourcing project. Implement services via performance agreements. Optimization of around 20% of full costs related to utilities (energy, maintenance, investments...).


Following a general structuring project for a plant with 1,000 employees, support the hands-on managers, supervisors and department heads in upping the enforcement of six key best practices, identified with the site.

GSK Notre Dame de Bondeville

Set up and co-run a “war room” team. The goal: within three months, cross an extremely ambitious performance milestone.


Design the technical and managerial organization of the new manufacturing facility and its management system.


Make a scope diagnosis of the pharma and chemical sectors in order to identify action drivers and key issues to improve profits. Support the implementation of certain processes (Supply chain, Production … ).


In a highly competitive market, design an empowering, resolutely innovative organization and implement this over the whole cooperative collection territory (160 sites; 750,000 hectares). Revamp the interfaces with the back-office teams and animate new processes, in order to “work better together".


In a "fabless“ e-environment, build a new Supply Chain management to pilot customer-to-customer lead times, by managing external manufacturing facilities sites and reducing inventories along the total supply chain.


Optimize store furniture costs - of at least equal quality - through a functional analysis and value analysis.


Accompany Vallourec with its 32 manufacturing facilities worldwide in a global world-class maintenance approach with a dual objective: contribute to increasing industrial performance and give the sites a maintenance standard, thus encouraging intra-group benchmarking and the introduction of a continuous improvement process.


Establish, for the Marignane and La Courneuve sites, a single service provider taking charge of all supply chain flows over the industrial perimeter and customer service. Reduce logistics costs by 30% by leading and facilitating a supply chain project aimed at streamlining flows and reducing the number of suppliers.


Perform a diagnosis covering a large perimeter - Plants, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Distribution – and draft a performance plan over 18 months. Initialize the reform momentum at the level of the business’ senior management, pilot the performance plan, support the teams in the field and design models to develop the organization.


Within the context of a high growth unitary and complex production, create an empowering organization around each deal, including the design center, engineering room, production and sourcing. The first results of this organization – including a strong “risk management“ component – have delivered a drop in lead time by over 30%.


Highlight Supply Chain progress sources and build the action plan to improve service levels while taking out cost. Act at the same time on driving flows and increasing the flexibility of production lines. Review demand forecast and planning processes and rethink the associated IT tools. Identify sources of performance potential in the warehouses. Analyze and secure transport purchases.


Define a customized change approach to lead the whole business towards a performance-driven culture.


Define and deploy a continuous improvement process to meet business challenges. The actions achieved led to higher material yields (losses for one line divided by 3), more stable and optimized direct labor productivity and fewer accidents.


Lead over a period of 3 years and a scope of 7,000 people a profound management transformation and implement an organization of empowered teams focused on performance and cooperation.


Implement and sustain Lean best practices inside the Sales department. Teach the philosophy, choose and conduct continuous improvement projects and work out the road map to generalize the approach.


Revamp the organization of the packaging workshops. Propose a new territory split with adjustment of operational roles. Design a coordination system integrating the QRQC method and formalize a shift-over plan.


Involve the teams and give impetus to a true LEAN progress momentum. Accompany LEAN projects on the production lines, by involving everyone as closely as possible.


Establish within the head office a more cross-cutting culture based on project management and accelerate the decision-making process. Following this change, redefine the business processes and the specific store opening process.


Accompany Top Management in identifying performance drivers over the whole Group. Construct 3-year savings plans, and with the operations departments, implement them over the main areas of the value chain: purchasing, production, distribution.


Design and implement a quality project aimed at improving all suppliers.

VPE Vallourec Précision Etirage

To hold onto its position on highly competitive markets and under the pressure of its key accounts, mainly coming from the auto world, VPE asked Proconseil to help it make a step-change in terms of supply chain performance; an approach aimed at reducing cycles and lifting all sites up to the level of the best in the industry when it comes to punctuality.


Design a breakthrough progress plan by benchmarking. Prepare and conduct study missions in Japan: visit and analysis of world-class business operations I order to detect best practices and build transposable continuous improvement programs.


To compete with extremely competitive prices on the Asia market, the Dijon unit assigned us the job of completely reengineering its production system. The first phase saw the design of a lean system implying the reduction of the plant’s global costs. The second phase consisted in implementing this over three years.


Build the 3-year PRI with top management and the BU’s executive board. Design and implement empowering units, bearers of a new ambition. The actions implemented delivered significant productivity gains and highly energized the continuous improvement culture.


Involve site personnel (over 200 people) and suppliers in a vast process to improve performances and optimize means. Facilitate a wide-ranging phase of ideas collection and initialize participative progress projects.


On a 1,200-strong site, devise the maintenance development plan and support its implementation. At the same time, design and deploy the organization and management of purchasing; steer, in project mode, global tender processes in a variety of areas like industrial cleaning or waste management. Obtain a 25% reduction in spend.


Design a new organization for all functions (production, maintenance, HR, purchasing, …) on a 450-strong site, in order to reduce costs and improve performance.


Deploy a new continuous improvement drive on the bottling lines. Transform the workshop to go towards the “visual plant”. Simplicity, reactivity, taking support from a new animation of production data in real time.


Deploy, inside the industrial operations of the Marcy l'Etoile site, a new way of working in Operational Units; gather and federate all production, control and business support teams around shared objectives and, in doing so, reinforce the site’s competitiveness.


Work out a diagnosis and performance plan concerning all upstream supply chain areas, production, maintenance to cope with an important rise in production volumes.


Roll-out a Lean approach over all sites to accompany growth. Simultaneously, accelerate flows to improve customer service and reduce WCR; improve efficiency rates and design new “Lean” lines to increase capacities; install a culture of continuous improvement at all levels of the organization.


At the request of the Operations department and simultaneously for 3 manufacturing facilities: lead, over 6 weeks, a process with management at each site to develop a relevant and realistic progress plan, aimed at strongly improving site results in terms of yield and flexibility.


Revamp the organization of production and the support functions. Define a new positioning for management. Lead the field to take ownership of a strong continuous improvement approach by focusing especially on safety. Draw up a skills benchmarkand build development paths adapted to every employee.


Accompany the firm’s new Supply Chain department in making a performance diagnosis before revamping the supply chain. Propose an action plan. Start rolling this out to prepare for implementation over 2 years


Instill at the Boucheron head office a more cross-cutting culture, based on project management and accelerate the decision-making process. Once this change in place, reinvent all marketing processes.


On a site with around 3,000 employees, initialize and conduct a Lean approach aimed at reducing lead time and strengthening staff involvement in continuous improvement.


Design the process, organization and management for controlling long-term loads and capacities with Asian manufacturers and European suppliers.


Support change in a move operation. Use this event to put on line and homogenize the head office staff culture with regard to the management of space (paper, samples, crews, colleagues,…).


Define and implement a management development program, including personal coaching for senior executives, training sessions and application projects for local and middle management.


Support management in helping it clarify its responsibilities; enable it to acquire the attitudes, behaviors and practices of managerial authority to lead and focus teams on their duty to serve the customer.


Set up a central structure (Shared Services Center) regrouping accounting functions – general ledger, payables, payroll and expenses – initially run independently in around 15 French sites.


Help the business design its service offer as part of a very ambitious strategic plan and design the supply chain capable of supporting its expansion.


Improve the performance of production systems by implementing Lean processes.


Following a study of the functioning of Galeries Lafayette's headquarters, convince the shareholders of the interest of establishing a single head office for the 1,000 people spread over 9 separate buildings. Support this change project in a "Move&Change®" operation. Move meaning move into a single headquarters and Change to indicate the changes of culture to be operated (more of a cross-cutting approach, revamping practices around the procurement process (500 people), a 100% shift of all staff to an open-space environment...). 


Install a tool to systematically analyze production data. Build up a performance progress momentum. Heighten the setting accuracy of sensitive equipment parts using the ‘ACE’ method, and foster competency development for line drivers.

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