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Our principles

A Lean management approach is built around many founding principles

Value added

This is the fixation with doing right things right, the efficient process which enables us to track down and gradually reduce  tasks or sequences having no added value for the customer (the famous Mudas). Well understood Lean applies the notion of value to the company’s whole “ecosystem”. It targets the improvement of performances and competitiveness, by freeing up the technical and human resources of activities that do not contribute to the development of the company and its ecosystem to reallocate them to value creation.

The field

This is the place where everything happens, the home of real knowledge on working processes and often unsuspected ways of improving. Well deployed Lean therefore gradually involves every employee in the improvement process, acknowledges their contribution and authorizes “breathing” time to facilitate recuperation, cooperation and creativity. It is therefore in some way a managerial thought that believes in realism, collective intelligence collective and subsidiarity.


Cooperation is essential to streamline working processes in a complex organization. And yet, it is not so natural between businesses, organizations and people with often different perceptions… It therefore has to be built in a methodical way and valued at all times. To this end, pushing forward roles and responsibilities, management and coordination rites and rituals, behaviors and attitudes, communication… turns out to be necessary, while encouraging space and time that develop the desire to cooperate.

Continuous improvement

Well assimilated Lean has no end as it manages to create a state of mind and attitudes focused constantly on trying to “do well”, “do better” and even “do differently”. Lean is not confined to small improvements on what exists. While it does contribute strongly to this, it also enables the partial or total re-engineering of a process, an organization or a site.  In addition, this is a continuous improvement process which can be led over a short period of time (Kaizen blitz in a few days), or mid-term (application project over some weeks), or longer term (project over several months).

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Imperatives !

* Value added

* The field

* Cooperation

* Continuous improvement