Proconseil : First, in the frontline, to back you up

Our methods of intervention

Customized teams and approach

A time to understand

Our collaboration usually starts with either a flash or in-depth diagnosis, depending on the need. This helps us identify the real transformation drivers and, as a consequence, the points to act on first and foremost, and to share with you our convictions.

Our action tends to be more long-term focused though we are occasionally called in for certain areas of expertise or in “task force” mode to respond to an emergency situation or a crisis.

A time to act

Operational consulting is our principal method of intervention. Where recommendations form part of our work, our real goal is to help you in implementing the recommended solutions. We consequently build multi-skilled teams selected to best respond to the issues at hand. These are managed by a Project Leader consultant, chosen for his or her expertise in the problem area to be resolved. Paying special attention to simplicity, their job is to know how to pragmatically manage eventual complexities and try to simplify them, by avoiding the jargon specific to the profession.

We prefer acting with our clients’ teams to guarantee their engagement and make sure everyone has the chance to enhance their skills; this is the best way for people to take ownership of the results and sustain them. As part of our special benchmark events, we invite you to some of our clients’ sites to show you just what can be done, highlighting real opportunities for progress and ways to accelerate change.

A tempo to succeed

Our consultants are often involved in several projects on a part-time basis. This enables us to adapt to the pace of the moment and the exigency of the project in order  to provide you with enough breathing space. This is also a way to avoid a certain routine setting in the team. And finally, while ensuring an even greater expertise on the part of our consultants thanks to the multiplicity of cases encountered,  this mix guarantees overall a greater performance.

Conscious of your challenges, our teams are committed to working by your side, with one objective in mind: deliver the expected results.


“Each of us has developed an expertise in one of the main fields in which we get involved: strategic approaches, performance processes, managerial and cultural ventures. Beyond the methods taught, this knowledge is based on management tools developed during past assignments and on our day-to-day experiences. We leverage all these skills and provide them to our clients as know-how communicators.”

Mathieu Naudin