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Our goals

Shared Stories

Every initiative is truly a human adventure for us. We’re pleased to show you a few examples.

Skills sponsorship

Skills sponsorship is the opportunity for any willing employees to feely offer their skills and know-how in consulting and training to common interest organizations. These solidarity projects are aimed at not-for-profit structures working along the principles of the Proconseil cause.

Té Traiteur / L'Usine: "Let's buy better" !

February 2012 : Aude, Jean-Christophe and Geoffroy offered these two insertion companies their expertise to help them structure their procurement.

« Here's a firm which combines performance, growth and welfare. In such a context, procurement and ethics necessarily go hand-in-hand. Something to think about in today's world...»

Jean-Christophe, consultant

« I discovered another business model - that of social entrepreneurship - and understood that several systems can live together and help society progress...»

Geoffroy, management assistant

« The Proconseil team really helped us frame our thoughts and embark on a procurement professionalization process, all this in a prevalent good-mood atmosphere...»

Julien Trévisan, deputy manager Té Traiteur / L'Usine

A 2kg Lobster

Tour of the Rungis market at 2.30am; it's quite early, but what wonderful surprises in store !

Jean Jaurès hospital : "Bringing back the pleasure !

January 2012 : Emilia and Guy join the team at Jean Jaurès to think about how to improve the quality of the catering proposed to the hospital patients and staff.

« I met some highly motivated women and men, particularly concerned about the well-being of their patients and appreciated how their organization enables them to fully carry out their jobs, far from the "dehumanized" image one can sometimes have of the hospital»

Guy, assignment manager

The fair-trade integration business LCCE (La Compagnie du Commerce Equitable)

October 2010: Guillaume, Eric and Aude – three consultants – decide to help this firm restructure its distribution center to handle the rise in customer numbers.

« This experience with the Fairplace team, the LCCE’s distribution center, is above all an extraordinary human experience. It has let me discover a whole new world, that of inclusion, which was a complete mystery to me, and meet some of my aspirations »

Guillaume, consultant

« What we enjoy about working together with Proconseil consultants is naturally the know-how they bring us, but also their availability to listen, meet and exchange which, I believe, is mutually rewarding for us both. »

Simon Blin, Managing Director, LCCE

équipe proconseil

The Fairplace-Proconseil team

To know more about skills sponsorship

Marc Zoro, sculptor

With the artist-sculptor Marc Zoro, we discovered plenty of things we had in common: he transforms material, we transform organizations.

His artist vision enables us to look at our business differently. This is why we regularly invite him to join the events we organize.

Come with us into the world of Marc Zoro...

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Open up to other worlds

Mirroring our universe, abstract or surreal, art invites us on a journey.
Each artist has a real gift of capturing weak signals to speak to us about the future.

At Proconseil, we like to discover new worlds and glean new sources of inspiration which is why we regularly invite artists into our offices.

Today, we would like to take you inside the world of Sylvie MARLETTA

A keen photographer from childhood, Sylvie Marletta, 43, defines herself first and foremost as an autodidact or an intuitive creature with several strings to her bow. Photographer, journalist, actress, she is driven by curiosity and the thirst to discover new themes or horizons.

Her work also involves casting characters into quirky situations, creating "photo-theatre" scenarios or tales without words.

She also uses painting as a medium to express herself because "my mind’s a hive of activity”, like a sponge, soaked in emotion.

Her artistic approach

Sublimate a face, a place, a moment
Make ordinary things extraordinary
Accentuate the colours and contrasts to turn the photo into a painting

Her "Metamorphoses" exhibition is the result of this work


"1st prize in the eyes of the public" and "Judges’ favourite" prize in 2011 during the "Regards sur la Brie" photo competition with her entry: Le lavoir du vieux Theil


Currently on display at the Crécy la Chapelle (77) tourist office

To find out when and where her next exhibitions will be taking place, click on: www.sylviemarletta.fr

Contact: 06 11 30 76 52


Huile sur toile Encre sur papier Encres sur papier 2 Les possibles encres sur papier Les possibles huile sur toile.png Les reflétés 2 Les reflétés XI Oeuvre 1 Pensées géographiques Huile sur toile Pour hall Huile sur toile 162X130 Techniques mixtes sur papier

Anne Damesin spends a happy childhood in immense territories: the Pyrenees, the Alps and in Cameroun. These places give her a taste for space and freedom, while moving house so many times gives her a taste for other people. After studying political sciences and a short spell in the corporate world, she goes through the looking-glass and follows a fine arts course in the city of Paris.

She regularly exhibits at the Salon Réalités Nouvelles. In 2012, she designs the installations for two popular events, the Fête des Jardins (gardens festival) and la Nuit Blanche (Parisian all-nighter festival)

Her artistic approach

Memories always play an important role in her artwork: souvenirs of places, fleeting or reinvented moments and organic links.
There is no start or finishing line.
Just infinity at the top and infinity at the bottom
With no points of reference
Line and color emerged as processes.
A line in space, time suspended echoing woven links.
Giving rise to reverse worlds, upside down, discreet and poetic proposals

Her background

Réalités Nouvelles-Paris
Puls’Art- Le Mans
Base Art- Fréjus
Solo exhibitions
2012. Carte Blanche à Sylvie Hauser. Hotel Pullmann. Paris
Emission Thé ou Café - France 2 (TV program). Décor features
Galerie du Théâtre- Cachan
Emission Thé ou Café - France 2. Décor features
Galerie LdeO§CO- Paris
Galerie du Montparnasse- Paris
Group exhibitions
Hors les Murs- la sélection Réalités Nouvelles - Pont de Claix
Musée du vin. Paris
Hôtel Dieu-Brie Comte Robert
Les Papillons de Carpentras – Carpentras
Galerie Julio Gonzales- Arcueil
Bibliothèque Nationale de France- Paris
Galerie Julio Gonzales- Arcueil
Galerie Gavart- Paris
«A chacun son histoire» for the association Florimont. Paris
Fête des Jardins. «Terre In connue». Paris
Nuit Blanche. «je suis ensemble». Paris
Frigo-Arts for the food bank
Biographical details


Vincent DA

Agnes Face à la mer L'oeil d'Anna Les Blés 1 Les Blés 2 Maison Ami fontaine Fracture LesCoquelicots VersPoilcourt

His world and imagination have no boundaries: from portrait to landscape work, we are invited to visualize a reworked, misshapen vision of reality… a blend of colors and textures incorporated into a photographic background… Abstract, lifelike, this native of the Ardennes has no defined contours. Transported by music, his voyage is simply pointed at the horizon ahead… Bearing no particular message, his works strive purely to convey and bring out emotions, reactions, self-questioning…

He discovered this hobby quite late in life; aged 30, he was pressed, oppressed even by the need to exteriorize his feelings and emotions... after exploring different paths, drawing, painting, he finally turned his attention to photography and art rework (la retouche)...

Amateur exhibitions in Reims and the surrounding region for the last two years

Bio express
Graphics designer since 5 years
Lives in Reims – Marne (born in Asfeld – Ardennes)
Mob: 06 11 64 70 22



Born in the Dauphiné region, CYB was introduced to the technique of painting and drawing at a very early stage, in New Caledonia in the South Pacific where she spent her childhood, then in Carthage on the banks of the Mediterranean.

Back in France, she continued to paint and draw while studying philosophy at the Sorbonne. She fell in love with abstract styles. An important encounter with the artist Georges Mathieu enabled her to deepen her artistic studies. During this period she wrote various articles, notably on Lyric Abstraction and Expressionism.

More recent years were marked by her discovery of Venice and the emergence of figurative elements in her painting.

Her approach to painting remains fundamentally abstract, in the sense that she asserts the reality of the invisible. This is a breakthrough, a radical insurgency in the face of what is imposed on the current, thinking subject that is “reality”.

For her, “to paint is to protest”!

Last exhibitions
Artexpo New York - 2012 March 22-25
Galerie Mona Lisa - 2012 May 29 – June 9  32, rue de Varenne - Paris 7ème