Proconseil : First, in the frontline, to back you up

Our business

Manufacturing, logistics and tertiary success

Founded in 1984, Proconseil has become one of France's leading independent outfits, procuring advice and assistance to manufacturing, logistics and tertiary businesses.

From baseline diagnoses to operational implementation, we offer you bespoke project support every time.

"With markets changing at a constantly accelerating rate, it's about setting up organisations capable themselves of handling change."

Gilbert Lippmann


The socio-economic climate in which businesses evolve is in perpetual motion: market saturation, mergers and re-engineering, price pressure, increasing speeds, a boom in reporting systems, growth on "low cost" solutions, stricter regulations, environmental pressure...and at the same time: the Y-generation arriving on the scene in force, senior citizen issues, a sense of losing one's bearings and the appearance of psycho-social risks…

They therefore have to learn how to adapt constantly to become more competitive and attractive.

Following this path, they will continuously led to :

  • simplify
  • reduce waste
  • develop agility
  • innovate on products, services, processes
  • set up organizations encouraging cooperation
  • contribute to human fulfilment
  • adapt cultures

More than ever, in the eye of this accelerating tornado, businesses to succeed have to imagine change scenarios and invent new models which are on no-one's agenda today.