Proconseil : First, in the frontline, to back you up

One approach

Responsible Consulting

Advising means directing, guiding, helping along change.
As well as making customer commitments, it is just as important to know how far not to go.

Professional consultants at Proconseil advocate one demanding approach: Responsible Consulting.

"Acting by the principles of Responsible Consulting means ensuring a balanced reflection which respects the stakeholders. The advantage of our approach lies in the pride it conveys on bearers and receivers alike."

Frédéric Le Moigne


Beyond their respective experience, the convictions and ethics of the women and men working in Management Consulting has a direct influence on the way they accompany their clients. From one firm to another, these convictions and ethics can vary…

A contract of trust

Conscious of their responsibility and the impact of their actions on the businesses they accompany, Proconseil consultants act transparently, following the three simple, strong and demanding rules of Responsible Consulting :

  • Feel free to hold values and convictions
  • Look for a global balance between economic and human aspects.
  • Embark on transformations which outlast action

Adopting such an approach requires showing courage and intellectual honesty and being capable of openly taking stands which may sometimes be contrary to those of our client when we consider this to be necessary. This is about working with them on the short term without losing sight of the long-term vision. This is also about investing in “nurturing” all our contacts and knowing when to step down when the results have been secured.