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New challenges

December 2016 - January 2017

Pharma : optimize the load/capacity management of a pharmaceutical firm’s quality lab.

Agro-food : support a business in setting up its new warehouse while shifting its logistics operations towards a culture of customer service, in a context of full cost control.

Mechanics : revamp the planning function supported by the DDMRP approach, as part of a global performance process.

Electrical equipment : define a process company’s general industrial policy, draft its manufacturing and supply chain master plan, establish its industrial performance reference framework and launch a far-reaching cultural transformation project.

Agro-food : increase the performance of a packaging line in the US and double the margin on variable costs.

November 2016

Medical : design and implement the industrial and logistics master plan for a firm specialized in medical devices. 

Cosmetics : reorganize the products technical department with a view to optimizing new formula development practices.

Component supplier : develop a tool for viewing spares sourcing and train teams on visual management.

Agro-foodassess the managerial maturity of a supervisory team within a group and design a new, more effective organization model.

Micro-mechanics: use a Lean Development approach to optimize Time To Market.

Sept.-Oct. 2016

Pharma : support a group in rolling out its new information system worldwide. 

Cosmetics : design the 3-year manufacturing transformation plan and, in the short term, succeed within the prescribed period of time the industrialization of a major new product range.

Tertiary: support the management of a large local authority in establishing open and constructive dialogue with the social partners.

Services : design and facilitate a group’s internal academy on the theme of operational excellence. Cover all technical, cultural and managerial aspects.

Agro-food: design and facilitate a group’s internal academy on the theme of operational excellence. Cover all technical, cultural and managerial aspects.

June-July 2016

Agrifood : roll out a group’s target “maintenance, production and supply chain” organization over all manufacturing and logistics sites. 

Service : develop the agility of a multi-site group (1,500 people), by instilling a Lean Management culture.

Pharma: draft and deploy a continuous improvement approach on a site by developing its management practices.

Cooperative: redefine the sourcing process of a cooperative structure as part of a new supply-chain structure, to better respond to changes in its customers’ buying habits.

Industrial plant: support the sourcing and sales administration teams in securing their service level and controlling their working capital.

May 2016

Agrifood : support the arrival of new packaging lines and use this development to set up an empowered organization. 

Industrial equipment : Revamp the supply chain organization within the Indian plant of a global equipment manufacturer in order to reduce takt-time by 80%.

Agrifood : Design the process for constructing maintenance budgets for a large corporation and train managers on the new performance ratios, with a view to focusing plants on achieving world-class maintenance.

Pharma : Install a visual management (Obeya) approach to steer R&D projects.

Trade : Devise, with top management, the group’s strategy and its governance model.

April 2016

Pharma : optimize ways of steering new product development projects – around the Obeya principle – within a group. 

Micro-mechanics : overhaul the production system in order to reduce cycles, supported notably by the DDMRP approach.

Pharma : implement a reconfiguration of the Order to Cash process, with a view to rolling out a new ERP.

Agro-food : turn a business around in three months.

Logistics : design and implement an empowering organization for a service provider.

March 2016

Construction : Roll out a Demand Driven MRP system inside an international group; in this way, accelerate time-to-market and significantly reduce inventory without deteriorating service.

Pharmaceuticals : During the setting up of a spin-off, support the cultural transformation of a business and, in doing so, help it increase its performance substantially.

Food : Build, with a plant’s middle management, a robust managerial organization, encouraging teams to take ownership of results and ensuring sustained continuous improvement.

Assembling : Reorganize a workshop to save 20% of the surface area required to welcome new production lines.

Pharmaceuticals : Perform a diagnosis of a major laboratory’s supply chain organization then devise a plan to simplify this organization and its processes.

February 2016

Cosmetics: help a business design and roll out an innovative planning method: Demand Driven MRP.

Food: design the warehouse of the future for a lab, and underpin its strong growth worldwide.

Pharma: build, for the top management of a device firm, the strategic plan for manufacturing operations, with a view to supporting high global growth.

Food: work out, with the management team, the 3-year manufacturing roadmap of a cannery trying to strike a new balance between performance and flexibility.

Capital goods : assist a business in building its operations and supply chain master plan, and in modernizing is plant and equipment.

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